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About Sam Davidson

Speaker. Author. Entrepreneur. Husband. Dad.

Fresh out of college and needing a job, Sam quickly climbed the ranks at a multi-national hotel company, being promoted to management in less than 90 days, overseeing staff and and a sizable departmental budget at just 23-years-old. Wanting his day job to mean more, be began searching for work in the nonprofit sector.

After a stint in the nonprofit world, where he specialized in starting and implementing new programs, his budding entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found Cool People Care in 2006. He currently serves as the company's president, managing its rapid growth (Cool People Care has raised more than $125,000 for charities with its merchandise line).

Since then, Davidson has gone on to start three more companies, the most recent of which are Batch and Onward. He has also helped other organizations and companies develop messaging strategies aimed at the next generation.


In 2007, Sam wrote his first book, New Day Revolution: How to Save the World in 24 Hours. In 2010, 50 Things Your Life Doesn't Need hit store shelves, which helps people find their passion and begin to live a life full of it. He followed that up a year later with Simplify Your Life: How to de-clutter and de-stress your way to happiness.

Sam is a sought-after keynote speaker and conference leader. Recent speaking engagements have included The YMCA of the USA's General Assembly, The International Institute for Education's Foreign Fulbright Program, Toastmaster's International Annual Convention, and The Young Nonprofit Professional Network. For more information about booking Sam to speak to your group, click here.

He also appears frequently on TV, in print, and on radio as a resource and expert when it comes to Generation Y, philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and community leadership. Recent interviews and appearances have included The USA Today, Minnesota Public Radio, Forbes, and Vocalo. In 2011, The Chronicle of Philanthropy named Davidson one of the Top 10 New Nonprofit Voices.

Sam has been married for nine years. He lives in the heart of Nashville, where he grew up (but never thought he'd end up post-college). A successful week for him looks like spending lots of time with his wife, daughter, parents, and sisters.

And now, he spends most of his time helping students and world-changers make the most of their leadership experience, whether in college, in the workplace, or at home. That's why he tells stories, both on this site and when on stage. Sam believes that when we each have a chance to tell our stories, we have an opportunity to motivate others to follow. Leadership often starts with a story before it ends in a commitment.

Says Sam, "I know that at heart, we're all looking to make an impact, to leave our mark on the world by writing our legacy on the hearts of others. And whether you're a student, entrepreneur, leader, dreamer, parent, or artist, I bet you have a big idea or are trying to solve a big problem. In that quest, we often start to sacrifice the things we care about and need the most: time with family, friendships, recreation, artistic expression, and our own sanity."

All of these experiences - from working for a nonprofit to wanting to be a fantastic father - inform what he writes about. You can keep up with his thoughts on how to do something meaningful and remarkable with your one precious life by subscribing to his blog here.

And, if you'd like to know more, want to grab a coffee when he's in your town, or you'd just like to shoot him an email, you can do that. He'll write back. He promises.