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$1 Million to Drop 3 Letters

I don't work out at the YMCA. I really haven't been in one since I was in college and was on my parent's family membership.

So, I don't know what it's like to be a member of the YMCA, and I definitely don't know what it's like in Maryland.

But I did read this story today about how the YMCA of Central Maryland just spent a lot of time and money to rebrand themselves as the Y of Central Maryland.

Incredible. Again, I'm not a patron, but I already knew that 'the Y' was shorthand, cool, slang-speak for 'YMCA.' There's no reason to take any money, much less $1 million, to tell people to start calling something what they already call it anyway.

If they want more people to come in their doors and use their treadmills, they should ask the people who don't why they don't. Then, if they're able to meet those needs, they'll increase membership, popularity, etc.

I don't think they'll get one more body in the door just because they eliminated three letters from their stationery.