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12 Trash Cans

I was at Disney World last week. While drinking my morning coffee outside in one of the public walkway areas, I looked and from where I was seated, I counted 12 trash cans or recycling bins, all within eyeshot. 

Rumor has it that years ago Disney (maybe Walt himself) commissioned a study and found out that 20 paces was the average distance a person would walk with a piece of trash in her hand before they got tired of looking for a receptacle and just decided to litter instead. So now, (allegedly) you’ll find a trash can at least every 20 feet or so at every Disney theme park or hotel.

Meaning, you can shape the behavior you’re after. Whether it’s from your employees, your customers, your fans, or your friends, if you want people to change or help you or do something great for themselves, you can help enable that. We’re not talking about brainwashing or behavior control. We’re talking about helping someone. Making something easier and better.

And not just for them - for you. Isn’t it great when helping someone also helps you?

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