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2 for the Post

The Washington Post has 2 pieces on Darfur today.

The first describes a new nightly exhibit at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum called, "The Darkest Light." Each night, images from Darfur are displayed outside the museum for passers by to see what is actually happening in Sudan.

The second piece is an editorial by Anne Applebaum. While I wish she advocated for more action, she does a good job of clearly laying out the reasons why places like the U.S. (and other Western powers) have not yet gotten involved in major scale operations to end the genocide. Namely, there are no far-reaching political implications as Sudan is not a major player in global geopolitics. It is sad that this is true, and that such a view further marginalizes the people of Africa.

Both articles are well worth your 8 minutes.

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