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Controlling the Timeline is a Great Position to Be In

I've spoken to a few friends recently about them looking for a different line of work. They're burned out and under-appreciated. They're curious if something bigger and better could be out there. They're not in danger of getting fired; they're just hungry for something more meaningful and interesting. 

And so we talk about what they want to do, what risks they're willing to take and when it all may happen, if at all. And one stark, powerful reality emerges:

They control the timeline. 

This is a powerful place to be, to control time. 

In many cases, we hear stories of people who didn't control the timeline and still overcame adversity. The guy who was laid off and then started his own company to much success. The woman who unexpectedly lost a loved one and used that sorrow to make a difference for others. The list could go on of those people not in control because tragedy struck.

Kudos to those in that situation. But if you're not there because you're in control of your timeline, then make sure you leverage this privilege to so something extraordinary. Set a plan and post some deadlines. You may never again have this lofty place of control. 

Control of the timeline is a tool, and not a toy. Build something great rather than wasting time playing.

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