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CoolPeopleCare and CoolMomsCare Weekly Roundup (12/10-12/14)

Monday, December 10: Buy and Give Handmade
Give twice by giving handmade.

Tuesday, December 11: That's a Wrap
What is your wrapping going to be like this Holiday Season?

Tuesday, December 11: Random Acts of Christmas
Put a stranger on your list.

Wednesday, December 12: What Do You Think?
Give your kids a response when talking to them and you encourage their ability to speak freely and feel heard.

Wednesday, December 12: Expressly Yours
When ordering online, send gifts right to them.

Thursday, December 13: Parking It!
It is easy to pick up trash together as you walk to and from the park.

Thursday, December 13: Ditch the Dryer Sheet
Save some clothes washing waste with a simple household tip.

Friday, December 14: For the Birds
Easy treats to make for our fine feathered friends and bring the family together for some quality time.

Friday, December 14: Year in Review: Most Commented
It's time to talk about what you talked about.

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