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CoolPeopleCare Expands to Boston

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The creators of CoolPeopleCare.org, a philanthropic Web site based in Nashville, Tenn., today announce the expansion of the Web site to Boston, Mass. This is the sixth featured city for CoolPeopleCare, which already features nonprofit and charitable events for Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga and Birmingham. Sam Davidson, President and Co-founder of the company, says "Launching in Boston is a testimony to the power of the Web and the allure of making a difference. We were able to add Boston through a connection made over the Internet with a like-minded person also trying to change the world."

CoolPeopleCare will be partnering with Off Your Back Shirts, a fair-trade and sweatshop-free apparel company headquartered in Massachusetts. The company was founded byPaul Daigle.

Launched in August 2006 in Nashville, CoolPeopleCare.org is an offering of CoolPeopleCare, Inc., a company started by Davidson and Stephen Moseley, Vice-President. With more than 15 nonprofit partners and over 800 events, Boston expands the reach of the organization.

Since its launch, the site has served more than 100,000 visitors. Davidson says, "As our popularity grows, we want to be able to provide our users with the best experience as they actively search for ways to change the world. Our ultimate aim is to connect willing individuals with great nonprofits near them so that everyone benefits. And we'd eventually love to offer this all across the US."

The Web site's signature feature, "5 Minutes of Caring," is a 99-word daily article featuring helpful hints, practical tips and links to inform readers of the many ways in which they may make a difference in less than five minutes a day. Those who come for this information are directed towards ways to make a difference in their local communities.

To find charitable events and volunteer opportunities, or to list information about your nonprofit, visit www.coolpeoplecare.org.