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CoolPeopleCare on Lightning 100

Thanks to Stephen for taking care of all of this:

We're stopping short of calling it CoolPeopleRadio, but it's close.

Any by "close" I mean CoolPeopleCare will be on the radio each morning at 9:50 a.m. for approximately 60 seconds starting April 2.

It's a feature called "One minute of caring" that will be running on WRLT, Lightning 100 here in Nashville. It's content from our site as well as fresh, new content, in addition to preview content from our upcoming book.

Our Partners, Oasis Center are sponsoring the first 8 weeks of our one-minute-radio-show and for that we are grateful.

We're going to cram as much "good" into our 60 seconds each morning as we can. We'll highlight upcoming events, do short interviews with those in the community who are working hard to make a positive change, and hopefully offering a brief opportunity for individuals to pause and think about something other than the idiot driving in front of them or their TPS report cover sheet.

And, for those of you outside of 100.1's signal strength, they stream their radio programming in real-time on their web site. And if you miss it alltogether, we'll be running them here on "The Other Side of the Pillow" the week after they run on the radio.

So, stay tuned to 100.1 WRLT, Lightning 100, starting next Monday, April 2 for our new "One minute of caring" feature.

See you on the radio...