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Don't Eat Your Children

Don't eat your children. They're bad for digestion.

I'm not talking about cannibalism in the literal sense here. I'm talking about killing the good ideas we have before they have a chance to blossom.

I'm talking about the seeds of ideas that can come from any part of our organization. I'm talking about the great notions that hit you at midnight that you then spend the early hours of the morning talking yourself out of. I'm talking about the people and parts of your organization or company that could birth the next big thing.

I'm talking to you, fraternities and sororities, so you can understand that the next great social, fundraising, or educational tradition can come from your youngest member.

I'm talking to you, business owners, so you can understand that your side project may soon grow and replace your main project.

I'm talking to you, entrepreneurs, so you can understand that the company you wanted to start may not be viable, but with a few modifications, it could see the light of day.

I'm talking to you, schools and universities, so you can understand that education will look differently than it did decades ago and you'll need to start some new methods if you want to stay open.

I'm talking to you, churches, so you can understand that you can let go of oppressive traditions that don't appeal anymore and usher in different expressions of God's love.

I'm talking to you, Sam Davidson, so you can understand that you can offer something in a fresh way, even if that industry or model may have an image you don't like.

I'm talking to you, reader, so you can understand that saying "Yes!" to that idea of yours may bring about change, but that change is needed in so many places. 

Please, for the sake of our future selves, don't end an idea before it's had a chance to thrive.

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