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Don't Waste Your Life

Added on by Sam Davidson.

Don't be fooled by greeting card commercials or sappy Hollywood productions into thinking that life is made up of the highs - weddings, graduations, first dates. Those things are only bookends. If you don't live fully in the middle part - family dinners on Tuesday nights, spilled Cheerios, car rides to and from school, washing dishes together - then you're missing out on life. When you wait for the big moment, a million little ones pass you by. Before you know it, your life is gone. Life looks like storytime  on a rainy day. Pull the mattress out of the crib so she can jump on it a few times before she settles in and looks up at you, ready to listen.

Don't Waste Your Life | Sam DavidsonIt also looks like tickles.

Don't Waste Your Life | Sam Davidson

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