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Dreams Are Cheap

Dreams are cheap. My guess is that the going rate is a dime a dozen. Maybe even half that this time of year.

And that's because dreaming is free. 

There's no hourly rate to dream your day away. You can do it while you do other things - while in a meeting, while folding laundry, or on the subway. 

But, work is expensive. Progress costs time and money. When you need to get to work on that dream of yours, you'll have to pay the price of not doing something else. 

For this same reason, marching will cost you more than tweeting. Speaking up will require more than ranting in your head will. 

As a result, what is done is always worth more than what is dreamed

Be a dreamer if you like, but I'll trade a thousand dreamers for one doer and I'll come out ahead every time. 


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