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First Steps

Last night, we began what looks to be a fun and exciting time at the story.

Using the notion of hiking the Appalachian Trail as a backdrop, we began to get a clearer understanding of what this journey is like as we try to walk in the way of Jesus.

If you're unfamiliar with the Appalachian Trail, it's no picnic. If you're up for it, be prepared to carry 30-pound packs on your back, full of everything you'll need for the next 3-4 months. You'll be hiking between 10 and 25 miles every day, if you want to finish before it gets too cold. Make sure everything is waterproof, because it will rain and you'll have to keep going. You may get lucky and find some sort of shelter to sleep in, but those are few and far between. Watch out for bears in some areas. Your feet will grow one show size by the time you're done. You may get a chance to shower.

But despite the lack of creature comforts, thousands attempt to traverse the Trail every year. But only a few hundred or so actually make it all 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine. Why is this?

Watching the first part of "2,000 Miles to Maine" gave us some quick ideas. This documentary follows one brave hiker as he trudges his way up the Trail. Along the way, he makes friends, meets interesting characters, has a blast, falls down, gets hurt, gets sidetracked, and wonders if it's even worth it.

And for us, walking in the way of Jesus is much the same.

As we begin to choose our own adventure this year, the next three weeks will allow us to see what this journey is all about. So, with the Appalachian Trail as our grand analogy, here's what we’re discussing these next three weeks:

  • January 14: Cast of characters - Who's involved in this Jesus journey? Do we even want to be a part of it? What role does a faith community play in our quest to keep going with this way of life? Who was there at the beginning? Who will be there at the end?
  • January 21: Supplies - What should we take along? What do we pick up along the way? What tools are valuable? What can be discarded? What needs reworking, changing, or modifying? What's helpful?
  • January 28: The Destination - Where exactly are we headed? Who's been there? Will it be worth it? How long will it take? Are we there yet?

These next few weeks will be a great introduction to the story, so if you've never been, now might be a great time to jump in, meet some great people and try to get a better understanding of what we're trying to be about.