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Getting Up Before the Sun

I've been an early riser for quite some time. Three days a week I attend a class at my gym at 6 AM. On the other days, I get up just as early to read and write. It's when I'm most creative.

As such, I now can't imagine waking up after the sun. That would feel somewhat unnatural, I think.

And it seems Laird Hamilton echoes these sentiments. But don't take my word for it:

Almost every guy I look up to – everyone whose life is an example of how to live – is an early riser. All of them wake up in the dark, and they're just revved and ready to go. To me, there's nothing worse than waking up and realizing that the sun's already been up for awhile. I feel like I've missed out, like I'm only getting three-quarters of the day.

And what about you? Do you get up early? Would you?

What if you could do something productively great in less than 30 minutes each morning? Would you be willing to kiss that snooze button goodbye? (I've found you don't miss it.)

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