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How to Tell a Story

One of my core beliefs about leadership is that leaders tell stories. Whether you stand on a stage, motivate a colleague one-on-one, or write words that help others, leadership happens when you're about something and you tell someone else what you're about. 

Storytelling, then, is a core asset of every leader. 

And if you want to learn to tell better stories, you need to find an hour and watch Mike Birbiglia tell stories in "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend." 

Yes, he's a comedian, but his hour is so much more. He's funny, but also honestly poignant. There's a theme around which he weaves a fantastic word tapestry for a solid hour. 

So go watch it. It'll do your soul good. 

And then think about the stories you're telling in your life and how you can start telling the ones that need telling in order to motivate others to change the things that need changing.