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I Love This Job!

Added on by Sam Davidson.

The latest Fortune magazine named Google the best place to work. I can't blame them. Here's a quick list of perks:

  • Free shuttles with Wi-Fi to pick you up and drop you off at home
  • Five (free) doctors onsite
  • TGIF parties
  • Free onsite washers and dryers (and free detergent)
  • Sand volleyball courts
  • Rock climbing walls
  • Unlimited sick days
  • Free annual ski trip
  • $500 voucher for takeout food after having a child
  • $2000 bonus for referring a new hire
  • $5000 subsidy to buy a hybrid car
  • Free snack stations
  • Free onsite meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Onsite oil changes and car washers
  • And, if you were there at the beginning, you might have gotten founder stock options and you might be a millionaire by now (like one guy who 'retired' at 30)

It's also nice to see my former employer, Marriott International, on the list.

Although they're not named, here's a list of Facebook perks:

  • Complimentary catered breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • Complimentary beverages and snacks
  • Dry cleaning and laundry service onsite
  • Free downtown parking permit
  • Subsidized gym membership
  • Catered Friday Happy Hours at the office
  • $600/month housing subsidy if you live within one mile of the office
  • Standard-issue 24" LCD monitors and your option of 15" Apple MacBook Pro or IBM ThinkPad

Not too shabby. In a world that competes for the brightest minds, such perks may become standard.

I can't say yet as to whether or not CoolPeopleCare will have such perks one day, but I'll gladly raise my glass to happy hour Fridays.

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