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I Watched a Movie: The Constant Gardener

Lynnette and I watched The Constant Gardener this past weekend. I had heard it was a good flick, so we made the 2 hour and 9 minute commitment and watched it.

I enjoyed the cinematography. Great angles and shots. The color was also vibrant, as was the African backdrop. It was a pleasing movie to look at, as opposed to say, Magnolia.

The movie is pieced together, revealing information to the viewer only when the main character learns it. You’re left guessing, but not in a Sixth Sense or Matchstick Men kind of way.

There is a vast, unjust conspiracy afoot, like The Firm, and people get killed trying to uncover it, like The Da Vinci Code.

So, it’s well made, it’s interesting, and has a good bit of action. Fun ride.

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