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I'm Bringing Poetry

"I'm bringing poetry," he told her. "To read to you."

What are you packing with you this year? You can make a list of goals all you want, and if that's your style, then I hope you set them and chase them with abandon.

But maybe it's better to think of 2015 as a journey and now's your chance to pack what you'd like to carry with you all year so that in 365 days' time you're the kind of person you'd hoped to be, right now, looking forward.

Is this the year you fill with poetry? With new friendships? With passionate kisses or dedicated research? Is 2015 the year you explore art more or seek experiences over possessions? Maybe this year you choose to bring along happiness and the benefit of the doubt when it comes to your most important relationships. What if this were the year you packed optimism, honesty, and hope to travel alongside you?

There is no set packing list and you can carry as much as you like. 

So, what are you bringing along?

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