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Instant Gratification and Instant Feedback

The next generation is often labeled as one that expects things instantly, whether it's a promotion or an email response. And why shouldn't we? After all, we've come of age in a world of drive-thrus and microwaves. But sometimes, even the most ambitious and eager of us out there can miss out on some important dialog when we don't throw our good ideas out on the middle of the table to see what others think of them.

I was reminded of this very idea yesterday while watching the Tennessee Titans host the Houston Texans in a football game. My dad luckily had a pretty nice hookup and had scored us entry into a luxury box, full of food, drink and TVs. Amenities like this make you forget a game is being played nearby.

And, while I'd love the instant gratification of having strangers yell my name in adoration, I'm also thankful that I don't work or live in the same environment. I'm glad Stephen doesn't call me names when I suggest a promotional idea for CoolPeopleCare. I'm glad my wife doesn't boo me out of the house when I forget to pick up my socks. Even if I were always on my game and got more supporting yells than demeaning screams, the world of instant feedback would be a tough one to live in.

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