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It Takes a While, but We're Getting There

Yesterday, I spoke to four college classes. Two were at Belmont and were full of entrepreneurship majors. The other two were at Vanderbilt and were classes on business strategy.

One thing I told each class:

We started this thing on accident. We didn't write a business plan until we were 18 months old. That means, we've been operating for longer without a business plan than with one.

A lot of times, we do things in the wrong order. But, stuff usually works out in the end. Case in point: today, we put the final touches on our first media kit.

We've been lucky in getting the media coverage we have. We think that's just a testament to our story and what we offer. So, it's exciting to get covered in OdeMagazine.com, in print in the Boston Globe, or in every print news outlet in Nashville.

But, we want more. We'd love more press and more buzz (who wouldn't?). So, that's why (with the gracious help of one of our very talented interns), we've finally got our version of a media kit. It's not much. It simply details our story. Because for us, that's the best part of what we do - how we got here, what we're up to, and where we'd like to be.

So, click the link below if you want to take a look at it. You'll find some neat pictures, a 99-word description of what we do, how our business operates, more about our history, and even a sneak peek at what the new site design looks like.

CoolPeopleCare Media Kit [pdf]

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