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It Takes Work to Live There

I think we all want to live at that place where our dreams and our talents intersect. 

We want to use our head and hands to create and share something we deeply believe in.

When you find yourself at that intersection, enjoy it. It's a lovely and inspiring place to be.

But you don't get to live there for free. Rent is very high at that corner, paid in the form of sweat, disappointment, risk, and vulnerability. 

You must till that soil frequently through work that is sometimes backbreaking, with very few rewards to show for it.

But by tilling the soil - doing the work that is difficult and unglamorous - you're paying your keep. You're doing the hard work that makes living at that crossroads of passion and talent worth the price.

Better yet, you're keeping the ground fertile for new dreams and talents to take root - dreams you dream for yourself and dreams you dream for others.

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