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Labor Day (Not a Holiday)

For me, that is. We had originally planned on a long weekend in Philly, but once I started school, I learned that Vanderbilt doesn't believe in Labor Day. So, we rearranged because I had to be back in time for my first discussion session for "Formations of the Christian Tradition." Awesome.

So, to those of you on the water, the golf course, or the recliner - enjoy it. If you feel like browsing the web on your day of rest, I'll keep you fat and happy with a Darfur update, some more Philadelphia pictures, and beautiful social commentary (with some cleverly disguised wit). But, if you're bad, then I'll recap the lively (hopefully) banter aroused with an in-depth look at the martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicity.

Drink one for me.

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