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Lead a Team, Not a Crowd

The first task of a leader is to build a team from a crowd.  

A team is deeper than just an assortment of people in the same location because a team has a common goal. Therefore, when everyone is on board with the same big goal, your team starts working toward that goal with their own unique abilities. As a leader, you then continue to remind them of that goal as they work hard, sacrifice, and then celebrate together. 

Another word for this is unity. You, as a leader, must create unity. 

The best way to do this is to get to work. Check it out - when a choir sings together, research shows their heartbeats synchronize. Doing something together for a common goal can literally make our hearts beat as one.

One heartbeat - that's what you're after as a leader. 

To establish that pattern, tell a story about the common goal your team is chasing. Inspire them to get to work and then lead that crowd into becoming a team.