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Lie of the Day - 1.23.07

Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth has been nominated for an Oscar. I saw the movie last summer, and I'm glad it's getting the audience and the recognition it has. However, I disagree with this statement in the Tennessean from director Davis Guggenheim. When asked about having Gore star in the film, he says:

"It's nice to have a movie with an action figure in it," Guggenheim said. "Everyone knows who he is and he is out there all alone trying to save the world and no one is listening to him. He’s like Jack Bauer on 24."


I just started watching 24 this season, but Al Gore, especially as he appears in An Inconvenient Truth, is no Jack Bauer. He's not close to any action star. Sure, lots of people are ignoring the issue of global warming, but that does not warrant comparing Mr. Gore with one of the most exciting action characters of our time.

However, I will allow the comparing of Gore to Keanu Reeves in any film.

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