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No Such Thing

I don't know why, but at some point, compliments were turned into insults. We got sucked in and started believing that the good things about ourselves were bad things. Let's said the record straight.

There's no such thing as being too generous.

No one can spend too much time with their kids or be too good of a parent.

You can't be too smart or too careful.

You can't have too many friends or fall too deeply in love.

You can't care too much.

It's actually impossible to be too nice or even too concerned about your neighborhood, job, country, or church.

Don't think you can ask too many questions.

And while you can spend too much time watching TV, you can't spend too much time reading books. There's no such thing.

There's also no such thing as someone who goes out of her way too often to help people.

Questions or ideas can never be too big. In fact, many of our dreams are never big enough. You can't have a dream that's too large. Dream bigger.

You can't be too passionate.

You can't try too hard.

Food is never too delicious, music is never too beautiful, and you are never not worth it.

What else doesn't exist?

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