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"on nodding terms with whoever you used to be"

Tavi Gevinson's story continues to fascinate me. I've thumbed through Rookie Yearbook One and it's one of those things I want to make sure exists in whatever form by the time my daughter is a teenager.

So, I particularly enjoyed reading this interview with Gevinson from Vanity Fair. When asked about the fact that her earliest blog posts are online and anyone (including her) can read what she was writing during such formative years, she wisely replies:

Right now, I feel pretty O.K. about it, but there are definitely phases where I am up looking at my Tumblr archives and I am absolutely mortified. But I feel like that is part of being a person and you kind of just have to be on nodding terms with whoever you used to be, because if not, you will kind of just start to hate yourself. And that’s no fun.

These are important words for all of us, whether we're clicking through posts from years ago, looking at a box of photos from high school, or meeting up with friends who knew us a long time ago.

There's no going back and changing who we were. May we all nod politely in our former selves' direction and then keep moving ahead to who we're becoming.

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