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Social Media and Arts Organizations

Yesterday, I performed on the stage of the Belcourt Theatre. This Nashville landmark has hosted the top musical acts, screened award-winning films and also served as a home for silent films and the Grand Ole Opry.

So, I have no idea why they let me come talk about social media on that same stage. But they did. And I did.

Here's a video from my talk. I flew through the whys of social media, particularly as it relates to nonprofit arts organizations. In these 15 minutes (that's all I had, so I speak very fast in this video), you'll hear:

  • A little more about me
  • About how I cheated on my art appreciation final in college (1:45)
  • Who Generation Y is (3:15)
  • How Gen Y acts (5:00)
  • What the old consumer model is (7:00)
  • What the new consumer model is (8:30)
  • How arts organizations can have a new conversation (11:15)
  • Some reminders before embarking on a social media campaign (12:45)

Enjoy, and pass it along to your pals who work in the arts:

Social Media for Arts Organizations from adam patrick jones on Vimeo.