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Social Media Can Be Like Peeing in Public

Yesterday, I led a workshop for local nonprofits about why developing a social media strategy is the best first step when it comes to doing anything social media related. As I was putting the finishing touches on the talk, and simultaneously preparing for a similar talk in Chattanooga on Friday, I realized something:

If you are a nonprofit and decide to use social media only because it's free and everyone else is doing it, then it's not a good idea. After all, those same two qualities are true for port-o-johns as well.

In fact, I couldn't think of any two worse reasons to set up profiles if you're a nonprofit. You want to reach a new audience? Better communicate with an existing one? Streamline your communications? Fine. Go for it. Social media can help.

You want to spin your wheels? Try something without knowing why you're doing it? Leap on a bandwagon with no clear direction? Good luck.

I eagerly await your email for help in six months.

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