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Sudoku is Japanese for Hung Jury

Here's a story from the BBC today. Apparently a trial in Australia has been suspended because "several jurors admitted they had spent much of their time playing Sudoku in the courtroom."

I love Sudoku and can do it anywhere. But I would hope that my sense of civic responsibility would prevent me from ignoring the cross examination in favor of figuring out where the 7 goes in the middle box.

The problem was discovered when some of the jurors were observed writing notes vertically rather than horizontally.


"We actually all thought they were quite a diligent jury," lawyer Robyn Hakelis told ABC local radio.
"The judge had made many comments about what a good jury they were, how they were taking copious amounts of notes."

Appearances are deceiving. So is the fact that you overlooked the two 9's you put in the last row.