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Taste it or tweet it

Why did you go to that restaurant, order that beer, go on that vacation, or attend that work out class?

Did you do it just so you could tweet it or Instagram it? Or so you could be so wrapped up in something special and unique as to never forget it?

Look, I'm one of the guilty ones. I've postponed digging into a meal so the lighting and angle could be just right while I snapped a pic. I've positioned a craft beer so that my friends would be jealous later when they saw the delicious time I was having. And, I've paused after a workout to take a picture so you could see how early I get up to go sweat.

And while taking home a photographic memory can be special, when it takes away from the experience itself, we're cheapening these very moments we're trying to capture. It's impossible to catch the fullness of the moment when you have to pause that fullness mid-progress to pose and smile. 

We can't suck the marrow out of life when we're waiting for the perfect pose.

live diliberately.jpg

Taste first, tweet later. Dive in deep, worry about the picture later. Better to have lived and wish you'd gotten a picture than snap lots of pictures of mediocre memories.

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