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The Break Up (Sucks)

I saw a coupon online and I knew that Lynnette and I kind of wanted to see it, so I impulse bought a matinee showing and off we went to see The Break-Up on Friday. After the coupon and Fandango fees, it came out to $3.50 each to see the movie on opening afternoon, so it wasn't a bad deal.

Except the movie kind of sucked.

Vince Vaughn
is not Old School or Wedding Crashers Vince. He plays the part well, but the funny seems to be absent most of the time. It's a movie with a lot of dialogue, and every once in a while, a great line will sneak itself in there, but it's not worth sitting through the rest of the movie.

We're still waiting on Jennifer Aniston to make a good movie post-Friends.

Jon Favreau's character is hilarious, but, like Philip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly, can't save the movie all by himself.

Wait and rent the movie in a few months. Certainly there will be some special features to make it worth it.