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The Hurdle is not the Finish Line

The gun goes off and the runners sprint out of their blocks. After the first 13 meters, they leap into the air over the first hurdle. They'll then do this every 8.5 meters, nine more times. 

But after they cross that last hurdle, they still have 10 and a half meters left until the race is over. The hurdles aren't the point. The finish line is. 


It's easy to get caught up in the enormity and challenge of life's hurdles. We work hard to overcome something, and while that's cause for celebration, resist that urge until you reach the finish line.

Yes, you worked hard on the sales presentation, but the pitch isn't the finish line. Landing the deal is. Passing the midterm was tough, but there's more: graduation. 

Word hard and leap over any hurdle in your path. But by all means, keep your head up until the race is over.

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