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The iPhone at Its Best

My friend Dixon and some friends played a cover show of R.E.M.'s Murmur. After they were done, they invited folks up to the stage to do a little impromptu karaoke.

And then - well, I'll let Dixon tell it:

It was our encore (and very impromptu) performance of Driver 8 that generated the evening’s most post-modern moment. Because, we had not worked out the tune ahead of time we had no lyrics printed. The guy who wanted to sing said he felt like he could fake it well enough if we could, so we cranked it up. Then, in the middle of the first verse, I look over to see someone from the crowd handing him an iPhone with the lyrics pulled up from the Internet! It made me think that this is either an object lesson or commercial concerning our changing world. I’m just not sure which.

Outstanding. I'd love to see Dixon and this guy on the next iPhone commercial.

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