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The Most Important Choice

Added on by Sam Davidson.

Let's say you're faced with two choices and have to select between Option A and Option B. You're going to ask some close friends or a mentor what you should do. You're maybe going to make a list of potential outcomes. You might want to sleep on it or even flip a coin. And then you'll make that all-important choice. 

I've got a secret for you. In the above scenario, the most important decision isn't whether you go with A or B. The most important decision is who you'll listen to.

Before I make a tough choice, I first choose who to listen to when it comes to input and advice. This choice is far more important as it helps shape the choice I'll make later. If I choose the wrong person to listen to, every subsequent decision could be a disaster. And if I pick the right person, it's smooth sailing the rest of the way.

Many times, we turn to a best friend for every career or life decision when they may not be skilled or experienced in the area we're struggling with. Why ask a person parenting advice when they have no children? Why take car buying advice from a sibling who's never visited a car lot? Or entrepreneurship advice from the co-worker who would never start her own business? 

Proximity is not a qualifier for wisdom. 

So do the hard work and find the person best suited to offer prudent guidance. All other decisions become easier after that. 

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