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The News is Exciting Enough

Part one of the American Idol season finale is on tonight. I’m normally not one for reality shows, mainly because so many crash and burn or are just plain stupid to begin with. However, I do enjoy laughing at people, especially when they are stupid and get embarrassed, because in my book, if you’re willing to go on TV, then you need to be ready for America to laugh at you when you do something ridiculous. But, with American Idol, Taylor has been my boy since his audition, so I’m hoping the frontman for the Soul Patrol can bring home the victory.

But, as my life gets busier, with work, school, The Story, and other stuff, TV slips down the priority list (as it should). Although I remain religiously committed to Lost, should that show need to be sacrificed for my marital well-being, so be it. Besides, I’ve always got the news.

While it's tempting to watch the news, unless you live on a satellite ranch, you're only getting a few perspectives. It's time to harness the diversity the Internet can provide and read your news from a variety of sources. For the latest news with the most perspectives, visit Newsvine. There you can even write your own column. I also recommend bookmarking an international news site, a national newspaper, and your local news sources. Five minutes on each one will make you aware of what's happening in the world and alert you to where action is needed.

And, as I scour the headlines every morning, I always find stuff that is more interesting than reality TV. Here’s a sample of today’s offerings:

These are just some of the headlines I saw today from my roll of news outlets. Countless more offer stupid people news, funny news, and “I-can’t-believe-it’s-news” news. Join the revolution and read your news online.

And if you’re a newspaper publisher and you wonder why people like me don’t subscribe (and never will), read this.