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The Simplify Your Life Blog Tour

It's time to get the show on the (digital) road. Now that Simplify Your Life has been out in the world for nearly a month, I'd love your assistance in getting this valuable tool out to more and more people. There are two basic ways we can do that together:

  1. Talk about the book
  2. Give away copies

I'm looking to do the book blog tour to end all blog tours. And in order to pull it off, I'm giving away one copy of Simplify Your Life each week between now and the end of the year. For real.

So, if you'd like to have your blog or website host a stop, the process is easy. Just fill out the form below and I'll get in touch with you.

We'll email and figure out a time for you to read/review/write about Simplify Your Life and come up with an interesting or fun giveaway for your readers. Then, we'll all sit back and watch as everyone's lives become way more simple.

You'll also be mentioned on the Simplify Your Life book page. I'll also send people your way when your post is up and out to the world.

And there you have it. Commence form completion...now.