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The Stories We Tell Ourselves (about ourselves)

I continue to be inspired by my friend Nicole Antionette. I've shared a lot of her writings and story before, but she's at it again. Now, she's focusing on the power of story (a personal favorite of mine) and helping people (herself included) to change the stories we tell about ourselves:

Our lives are made up of stories, and the most powerful stories are the ones we tell about ourselves, to ourselves. If you tell yourself you don’t deserve to be loved, then that becomes true based on the sheer fact that everything you do and say and think makes it true. If you’re telling yourself you can’t change your eating habits because you don’t have enough willpower, then surprise surprise, that’s your reality.
Changing your life comes down to changing your habits, one small step at a time, but the first and most important step is to change your story.

Bravo, Nicole. Thanks not just for coming up with this idea - that we need to change our story - but for modeling it for us as well.

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