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The World is Tired

For some time now, we've grown accustomed to how things are done, largely through no fault of our own. It would be lazy to blame our routines entirely upon faceless monoliths like big business, Madison Avenue, or the status quo, but the resulting malaise we all feel doesn't have to become our new normal. 

The world is tired of business as usual. It's tried of rat races and ladder climbing. We're all tired of mediocre services from mediocre companies that only help us to live mediocre lives. 

Our souls are yearning for exceptional, whether it comes at the hands of a corner coffee shop, our community church, or the singer busking downtown. We want to be delighted at every turn and inspired as much as possible.  

We seek out the remarkable and want as much of it as possible in our lives and relationships. But we don't just want an extraordinary phone or a fantastic vacation. We deeply want to be memorable and remarkable people. 

We are tired of average marriages and ho-hum parenting. We crave excitement and peace when it comes to how we're living with those we're loving. Going through the motions isn't fun at work or at home. 

The world is tired of meaningless lip service given to work/life balance. The world is ready for those who have found their life's work, whether it's inside a giant corporation, hustling as an entrepreneur, caring for children inside a home, or giving oneself to a cause too big to fully grasp.  

The world is tired of fast. To find what it means to be happy and in the right place will take some slowing down. 

I think the world is ready for slow.