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To Zack and Shaun, on their wedding day

Tomorrow, I'll be officiating the wedding of Zack and Shaun (yes, I'm licensed to do such things). Zack and I went to high school together, and were part of a group that was inseparable. Fate allowed us to reconnect years after finishing college. He's marrying Shaun, the love of his life, outdoors tomorrow night. Here is part of what I'll be saying. Today is not the end, but neither is it a beginning. 

We like to think that weddings are the start of something, but they're not. They are merely a blip; a small resting point for a relationship that is picking up steam, about to start the long haul up mountains and through valleys. What began as an innocent set up years ago now winds its way to this altar in nature. And what happens today will be memorialized on film and in your hearts, but it is just one step in your relationship as you journey onward.


My hope is that people will look at you and want to be you. 

My prayer is that your relationship will serve as a model for others - older or younger. I think that people in attendance today are here to support you, but are also here hoping to learn some of the magic that has gotten you to this point.

I hope that you can be honest with each other at all times. By being open, straightforward, and truthful, you'll give us all a glimpse into what a relationship should be. You won't necessarily show us one without conflict or one that is always rosy. But you'll show us one that is genuine, with love for the other at its core. You'll show us sacrifice, trust, and empathy. You'll show us hope, longevity, legacy, and meaning.

You'll show us who we can aspire to be.

Because each of you will continually aspire to be better. And your marriage will help you do that.

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