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Tune In at 5

Jamey Tucker came and sat down for a bit with me. We talked politics - specifically how my faith influences my vote (and more specifically how my faith influences my vote in the upcoming Senate election).

We also talked about broader themes: how 'Christians' are pandered to by politicians; the misconception that homosexuality and abortion are all Christians care about; the movement towards the middle by just about everyone. You get the point.

He said it would be on at 5 PM on News Channel 2. So tune in. But don't get mad if I'm not there.* I might have just been blowing hot air and he was being nice.

*My friend, Ryan O'Quinn is an actor. When he first moved to LA, he had a small part as an extra in That Thing You Do. He even had a one-liner. The day of the shoot he got to hang with Tom Hanks and ask him questions about the industry. Ryan thought he had arrived. That night, he called everyone he knew, telling them to go see the movie when it came out in a few months. However, to his horror, his scene was cut. He didn't answer the phone for weeks. So, if I'm not on the news, don't call me and ask why I wasn't. I'm too busy.