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Wanna Work at a Nonprofit?

Here's a great article from Athens about the emerging issues within the nonprofit world in terms of employment.

Very few schools offer practical training that will pay off in the nonprofit world. This is confusing, given that the sector is growing faster than the for-profit world.

More and more people I know claim they want to work for a nonprofit, namely so that 'their day will mean something.' While days can be meaningful in other ways, I understand what they're saying. For whatever reason, many folks are wired so that they want to give back. And if they can do that for a living, what could be better?

There needs to be better training for nonprofit managers, more than just a workshop for half a day every so often. As nonprofits grown and change, there is a need for quality management that can help organizations transition. Likewise, there will be a need to recruit and retain top talent, not just within the sector, but from without as well. Nonprofit pay is increasing, but when lines blur between the personal and the professional, and when someone is not supported in their work, burnout can happen overnight.

It's great that lots of people want in; we need to make sure they stay.