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Weekly Challenge: Ask for Help

It can make us feel vulnerable and very un-superhero-like. But, to me, it seems as though the people who have gone the farthest in their careers or who have achieved some great dream were willing and able to ask for the help of another. The myth of the loner who made it exclusively by themselves is nonsense. We all need help, from someone, in some form.

That big thing you're trying to pull off - who will help you? Who can help you? Who must help you? Identify those people and reach out to them this week. But, don't do it in a way that is desperate or degrading. You're not looking for charity; you're looking for co-conspirators.

I've co-created two companies, a book, and a child in my lifetime. And in each instance, the creation process was better because someone else was there. Who will be there for you?