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Weekly Recap - 10/28-11/3

How can we make our days more holy? I believe that an attempt to live deeply in community with others, to converse, encourage and be with other people, is a very holy task. Spending 8 hours in solitary prayer or Bible reading is not the best way to maximize the 'God' part of your day.

Dreams like this make me want to run for something. For a moment while being tortured with a pointless debate on Saturday night, I thought for just a minute that maybe I should throw my hat in the ring – not in this Senate race, but maybe for city council next year, or vice-president of the neighborhood association. And then, one day, when I’m the junior Senator from Tennessee, folks can say they read my blog back when – back when options were limited, when we used to drive gas-powered cars, when we used to think gay couples couldn’t marry, and when we used to pray for someone decent in DC.

Quite literally, the genocide would stop if individual soldiers stopped killing people. The genocide would stop when soldiers put down their guns and use another means for income and food other than raiding villages. The genocide would stop if individual soldiers no longer choose to do what they do.

Here's what I'll be working on this week.

Let's be honest. Does anyone base their vote in Tennessee on what Kerry says or what Foley does? The sins of each party an be levied against one another until the bullets of insult have riddled us all blind and disenchanted.

I don't know much about Maggie Dawn, but I know enough that I think you should read her blog. Again, I believe in reading blogs and books that make us think, that make us smarter and that make us think about stuff in new ways. Maggie's blog does this.

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