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Weekly Recap - 10/7-10/13

But, if the kids in this documentary buy into a belief system at seven years old, and later have an event thrown their way (as life is prone to do) that shakes their worldview, they'll be left confused, questioning, and hurt.

Do you want to know some differences between Augusine and Pelagius and the implications thereof? Do you care? Well, I wrote a paper about it.

The youth movement is alive and well. Make a difference and invest in the future: feed a college student.

The confines of marriage are apparently no safe haven from such literary abuse.

Nashville Scene gave CoolPeopleCare some love this week. It's their yearly "Best of Nashville" issue.

The notion of you telling someone you're middle class when you and your spouse bring home six figures is just plain wrong.

I love to see good people doing good work. Rachelle Mee-Chapman is the urban abbess at Monkfish Abbey, "a soul-care community located on the edge of the Wallingford and Fremont districts in Seattle, Washington."

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