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Weekly Roundup - 11.18.11

I hope you had a great week and (if you're in the US), you're planning on some downtime with family next week. I won't be posting here all week, taking the time to work on a few other projects and spending some moments relaxing. So, until the week after Thanksgiving, enjoy the archives and these gems that I found online this week:

  • I'm a big fan of Christmas and start officially celebrating it on November first, well before Thanksgiving. On Knox McCoy's blog this week, I guest posted why I think it's perfectly okay for Thanksgiving to get the shaft. This was fun to write; I try to blend a bit of humor into some of my writing, but I rarely get a chance to work in this many one-liners.
  • It's really cool to watch Laura Kimball go for it. She's detailing her journey from gainfully employed to entrepreneur. Thanks for being vulnerable enough to share, Laura.
  • This profile of Oprah Winfrey in The Atlantic is fascinating. It shows how powerful an idea is, no matter what precedes it.
  • My friend Matt Cheuvront weighs in on plans vs. mission. Do you know the difference?
  • "The best way out of a rut is with the smallest step possible." Agreed.