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What a Dollar Can Do

A buck is just a buck? Sure, but it can be more.

A dollar is a tip - for luggage service, for a pint at the bar, for hailing a cab. A dollar is a kind gesture to the guy holding a cup out on the sidewalk downtown. It can mean the world to a kid when a first tooth is lost. Dollars are framed above cash registers at businesses to commemorate the beginning of something. They can mean a lot.

Of course, we overlook them time and again. Read through this intriguing article on what 24 different people (from stock brokers to activists) recommend you do with a dollar. My favorite? 

I would bury the dollar in the most beautiful place I could find. I would then create an elaborate map to the dollar. I would hope someone would discover this map years from now and have an adventure to go on.
— Phillip Stockton, Filmmaker, New York City

A dollar leads to adventure, it leads to hope, it leads to beginnings - the list goes on. 

The lesson is not to overlook what's small or commonplace. Also worth your not overlooking:

  • A smile
  • A hug
  • An idea
  • A flower
  • Eye contact
  • A handshake
  • Thank you notes
  • Silence

Pay attention, please.

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