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What You Should Collect

As I was reading this article, I got the distinct feeling that we'd be much happier and effective if our lives were indeed filled with accomplishments more than stuff.

We as humans can get the tendency to amass things in our homes rather than achievements in our lives. 

Instead of dropping money on new curtains or dishes, what if you spent money overcoming a fear like skydiving or public speaking? I'm guessing those experiences would do more for you than different drapery. 

Or what if you created the memories that come with visiting a new place or learning to paint? What could be gained from eating a long dinner with an old friend instead of taking in a formulaic Hollywood movie alone? And how much happier would you be if you spent money on personal fitness or a cause you care about instead of splurging on more decorative knick knacks? 

Collect achievements and accomplishments - they never go out of style.