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Leadership Lesson #7: Leadership is Inconvenient

The true evidence of leadership isn't seen in times of comfort or convenience, but rather in times of stress and difficulty.

You certainly didn't run for your position or accept your appointment to lead others because you thought it would be an easy gig. At least in the back of your mind, you knew this would be hard work and that more than once you'd have a hard go of it.

What we must realize however, is that in those tough and difficult moments, our leadership skills must be their most honed. In moments of stress or difficulty, our true leadership abilities will be showcased. It is for these hard decisions and long days that leaders are needed most.

When things get tough, how do you lead? I am not interested (nor are your followers) in how well you can lead when things are easy. When the outlook is rosy and the decisions easy, anyone can lead, quite frankly.

It was for the tough choices that you were elected. And much like banana comes out when you squeeze a banana (and tomato when you squeeze a tomato), so leadership must come out of you when you are figuratively squeezed by the pressures and possibilities around you.