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Work and Life Advice - 4.11.11

Added on by Sam Davidson.

Read and learn:

  • I love this post by Robert Egger, who inspires once again with his take on social enterprise. Once more people start to see the potential for a new way of doing business, watch out.
  • Nicole's best writing happens when she shares about her struggles and feelings, and this post is no exception. I love this line, about her giving up alcohol and thinking everything in life would be in perfect order: "I’m free of the weeds, but I’m still in the soil."
  • This is an interesting take on finding what it is you'd love to do: What makes you jealous? I'm not sure I think it's the best route to find your passion(s), but it could serve as a decent starting place.
  • Grace Boyle has a very good piece about being busy. I can relate. As I shared in the comments, first defining your passions and priorities will go a long way to revealing what you should be doing, and letting you know what you should say "yes" to.
  • Here's a reminder that when it comes to customer service, delivering a magical experience can truly help you crush the competition.
  • And, Sasha Dichter also makes you think with his short take on service and why it's critical to have an attitude of serving others to really make a difference.
  • This is a very motivational post from Michael Hyatt about doing the hard work, pressing on despite what others say, and staying creative in the process.
  • And, Jeff Cornwall has excellent advice (as usual) for entrepreneurs, particularly when it comes to the issue of passion.
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