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"Your muse can only be treated as the secretary of a subcommittee for so long"

I'll be thinking about this post for a while, well-crafted by Ben Pieratt. In a few paragraphs he captures why creative types want ownership - not equity, but "as a measure of your ability to change things for the better." I want you to go read the whole thing. Here's a snippet that should have you wanting more:

Creativity is the manifestation of lateral thinking, and without tangible results, it becomes stunted. We have to see the fruits of our labors, good or bad, or there’s no motivation to proceed, nothing to learn from to inform the next decision. States of approval and decisions-by-committee and constant compromises are third-party interruptions of an internal dialog that needs to come to its own conclusions.

Also, my friend Ann quit her job last month. Here's why.

Hat tip to kottke.org for finding the Pieratt gem.

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