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You're not bad. You're just never.

I was siting in a board meeting last week.

"How is our data measurement on that?" someone asked.
"It's bad," came the reply.
"Why? Where are we coming up short?"
"Not sure. We've never done this before."

Don't mistake bad for never. 

I've never been skiing. But I don't say that I'm bad at skiing. It's just that I've never been. Of course, should I set foot on the slopes or the lake, I'll probably be terrible. But by setting foot in either place, I'm willing and eager to try. And with trying comes improvement.

We're all bad when we're new. That's how it works. But when you're at never, don't jump the gun and assume you're bad. In fact, if you're willing to venture out of never, you have to go through bad first. 

And when you do, keep going. Because after bad, it gets good. Really good. 

Good doesn't live at never. And great doesn't even go close to it. 

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